The fashion industry, dealing with somewhat disposable product, usually carries a heavy environmental impact. Here, at Collective Chaos, we are determined to change that.

We join the voices of our fellow eco designers as the FIRST ecologically conscious latex label, and hoping to be one of many soon to follow!

Natural rubber, latex, has been embraced by the fashion industry as a cruelty-free alternate to leather and biodegradable alternative to vinyl and pleather on catwalks and stores around the globe.

At Collective Chaos, we take it a step further, offering it to decrease the use of polyesters, nylons and lycra in the fashion and, specifically, the lingerie industry.

We make a strong commitment to use as many biodegradable materials in our work as possible and find every opportunity we can to upcycle, as well as, recycle to neutralize our impact.

1. Our latex is 100% natural, biodegradable rubber derived from rubber trees, a 100% renewable resource, and comes from a fair-trade manufacturer.
There are no toxic chemicals used during the production of our latex and it is always transported and delivered by the most eco-friendly method available.

2. All our items are designed, tailored and hand-crafted exclusively right here, in the USA.

3. The latex glue and thinner we use are mostly biodegradable and are not listed as carcinogens.

4. We utilize every scrap we can for smaller applique items, detail work and drafting material.

5. Our shipping and storage ziplock bags are gauged for long time re-use, as well as are fully recyclable.

6. All our packaging is made from 100% recycled or biodegradable materials.

7. We supply our office exclusively with eco-friendly supplies and use an electronic filing system to minimize paper usage.

8. All our marketing materials, including business cards, tags and flyers, are always printed on 100% recycled paper with the use of soy-based inks, or the next best sustainable option.

9. Our office and well as workrooms are equipped with recycled bins and all our employees, as well as independent contractors are instructed about our strict recycling policy.

10. And, maybe most importantly, we make every effort to draw attention to eco solutions in the fashion industry, may it be in slightly unexpected ways. We make a strong point to translate that quality product decrease disposability, local manufacturing encourages economic and social growth, biodegradable options are everywhere and no effort is to small to make a huge difference!

One does not have to sacrifice style to be eco-counsious.

A lot of our designs are inspired by nature, including animal prints, feathers and flowers. We believe that by exciting people's esthetic sense of beauty derived from the natural world around us, we can inspire them to get back to nature and cherish it.

We nurture human sensuality with a tasteful, artistic approach to our designs. We believe that open-mindedness, artistic comprehension, sensual fulfillment, self-acceptance and confidence leads to loving, content society and to it's harmony with the world.

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