Item Care

Keep latex garments away from oils, creams, polishes and leather goods. 

Avoid prolonged exposure to heat, sunlight and humidity. Avoid sharp objects. 

Keep away from copper, brass, and bronze, as these metals stain latex.
Lighter colored & translucent latex will permanently stain a brownish color when it comes into contact with copper based items, this includes coins and jewelry. Be careful around candles, cigarettes, and other open flames. Latex is flammable! 

To put on, first lightly powder the inside with scent-free talcum powder, or apply a personal lubricant. 
Latex garments can be worn with a matt finish or highly polished. To achieve a polished finish, spray with a silicone product, personal lubricant or latex shiner. You can find the shiner we love most in our own store. Be gentle when polishing items with appliqué detail, rubbing too hard can lift the appliqué off. 

To clean, wash in warm water with a few drops of antibacterial soap. Rinse well and hang to dry or dab with a tissue. Leaving your item dirty with sweat and body oils will harm the latex.
Do not wash latex garments with feathers or eyelets, as they may stain. Surface clean only. 
Do not iron, dry-clean, or put latex garments into a washing machine or dryer. 

When not in use, lightly talc your item, carefully fold and place the item in a plastic bag and put in a closed drawer or similar, if the item is a light colored latex and has metal fastenings wrap these in a piece of tissue paper so that there is no contact between the fastenings and latex to avoid the possibility of staining. Light colored and translucent latex, can discolor when in direct contact with darker colored latex, store separately.